What you should look for when hiring a DUI lawyer? 

Criminal Lawyers | DUI lawyers | Rollins and Chan - Washington, DCWhat you should look for when hiring a DUI lawyer?  Before you hire a DUI attorney you should review his or her qualifications to ensure that you receive the best legal representation possible.  For example, you should inquire about the attorney’s drunk driving defense experience and whether the attorney has been successful in obtaining a reduction in charges or case dismissal for his or her clients. As we have stated in other blogs you absolutely need to hire a DUI attorney if you are charged with DUI.

What about Plea bargaining

What you should look for when hiring a DUI lawyer is his experience with the prosecutors.  During a DUI case you may be presented with the opportunity to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. A plea bargain occurs when you or your attorney bargains with the prosecutor to receive a lesser charge offense then the one you were initially charged with or to receive a particular sentence. In exchange you will agree to plead guilty pursuant to the agreement.

How important is experience

What you should look for when hiring a DUI lawyer is how much experience the attorney has.   An experienced DUI lawyer will be able to review all of the evidence presented in your case and provide you with a solid legal advise regarding whether or not it is in your best interest to accept or reject a plea deal. The attorney should be able to present you with multiple outcomes for difference scenarios regarding the sentencing and penalties you may face if you accept or decline a plea deal and take your case to trial. There should be no surprises left on the table regarding the plea bargain in your case. Don’t be shy to ask your attorney about his or her trial experience.
Most DUI charges settle before proceeding to trial. Your DUI lawyer can tell you whether it is a case that is viable to go to trial. Although the choice will ultimately be yours whether to go to trial you don’t want an attorney who has never tried cases before.
Our law firm has over 18 years of experience, litigating all kinds of cases, including many DUI cases. Because of our extensive criminal defense background, we have tried many cases, more so than the average attorney. I know the repercussions that can result if a person goes to trial with an inexperienced attorney or unprepared attorney.
It is important to ask the attorney the techniques he or she uses to assert a thorough defense on your behalf. Never retain an attorney who does not have DUI trial experience when you’re facing serious drunk driving charges in Washington D.C, P. G County Maryland, Montgomery County in Maryland.
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