What happens after you are arrested in DC?

What happens after you are arrested in DC?  The process of what occurs after a misdemeanor arrest can give you some anxiety.   We have broken down the process in a youtube video.   Remember that the process can be different for some traffic cases.    After you arrested and given a citation to appear in Court you should definitely consult with a criminal attorney.      You may want to read one of other articles that also explains the process without a video.   Every case starts with being arrested by DC law enforcement (DC MPD, Park Police, Capital Police, Secret Service, et .  That Officer will give you a citation to appear in Court

What happens at Arraignment in DC Superior Court?

Arraignment Hearing is your first hearing in DC Superior Court.

  • This is your First Court appearance  in DC Superior Court
  • Misdemeanor (non-traffic) go to courtroom C10 (the basement of courthouse)
  • Traffic citations go to traffic Courtrooms (111, 116, 120)

Your attorney with you present will:

  • Plead Not Guilty
  • Assert your Constitutional Rights
  • Request a Continued Status hearing

The Judge may set condition of release:

  • Judge will set conditions of release;
  • Possible drug test for diversion options
  • Possible stay aways from certain locations
  • Set a new date for a status hearing

Before the status hearing your lawyer with you:

  • Review Discovery ( police reports)
  • Interview possible witness
  • Review Body Camera footage or other video material
  • Consult
  • Negotiate with Prosecutor

What happens at the Misdemeanor Status hearing in DC Superior Court?

At the Status hearing you will do one of the following:

  • set a trial
  • plea guilty
  • Enter into diversion

What happens after you are arrested in DC

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