What is an arraignment hearing for sexual solicitation

What is an arraignment hearing for sexual solicitation?

After your initial arrest, you are given a piece of paper that has your scheduled court appearance.  Citation arraignments typically take place in D.C. Superior Court in courtroom C-10 at 10:00 AM.  Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early.  Judge promptly takes the bench at 10 AM.   Read more about sexual solicitation in District of Columbia in an opening blog.

I was released after my arrest from the police station.  Will I have to post bail again at my arraignment?

No.  If you were released by the police after being “processed” (ie mug shot taken, PDID issued, background and warrant checks), you will not need to post bail at your arraignment.  However, release conditions, such as stay away from the arrest location, drug testing, may be imposed by the judge. 

What happens during a typical arraignment?

The primary purpose of an arraignment is to give the defendant written notice of the charged crime(s) and take the defendant’s plea.  The judge may also set pretrial release conditions such as drug testing, curfew, etc. In addition, a status hearing will also be set.  It is typically about 2-3 weeks from the date of your arraignment. 

I haven’t hired an attorney yet and I’m not sure I need to.  What should I do?

Defendants who are uncertain about whether to represent themselves or eligible for a court-appointed attorney may be given additional time to hire an attorney.  The court will set an ascertainment of counsel date.  This will give you an opportunity for more time to find an attorney.

I’m represented by a lawyer, but I need to be at work on the date of my arraignment.  Can my lawyer appear without me?

If you are charged with Sexual Solicitation or other misdemeanors, your attorney can appear on your behalf and ask for a continuance.  Most judges will grant a short continuance like 2-3 weeks. 

Any prosecutor who took time to analyze my case would realize my Sexual Solicitation arrest was due to a misunderstanding.  Is there any way I can get my case thrown out before my arraignment?

Yes.  But unfortunately, this possibility generally exists only for defendants who hire private attorneys prior to arraignment.  Defendants who are represented by court appointed counsel often do not even have counsel appointed until the day of arraignment. And a self-represented defendant should not risk additional legal difficulties by discussing the case with a prosecutor before arraignment. 

For more details about Sexual Solicitation and diversion, read this post (http://rollinsandchan.com/arrested-for-prostitution-or-sexual-solicitation-in-the-district-of-columbia/)

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