What does pleading Guilty Mean?

Plea form in DC Superior Court

What it mean to plead guilty?  Pleading Guilty means that you are admitting that you committed a criminal offense.   Below you find a powerpoint youtube video explaining the process in DC Superior Court.

Feel free to download the form by click here.

What is the Plea Agreement Section of the Plea Form

What does it mean to Plead Guilty?Before you plead guilty and sign the document you have admit that you committed the crime.   The prosecutor is going to read the facts and you have to agree to the facts of the case.

What rights am I waiving by pleading guilty

By admitting guilt and pleading guilty you are giving up very important rights, some of which are stated here:

  • Right to trial by Court or Jury
  • You are presumed innocent
  • The Prosecutor is required to prove in open Court
  • Proof beyond a reasonable doubt
  • At the trial you have the right to have a lawyer represent you
  • The lawyer will Cross Exam the witnesses
  • The lawyer could make objections
  • The lawyer could make arguments for you
  • The lawyer could file motions to suppress evidence
  • The lawyer could subpoena witness to come to court for you
  • You could testify if you wanted to
  • You could not be forced to testify
  • No convictions unless proved beyond reasonable doubt
Pleading Guilty has Serious Consequences

Do not plead guilt to just get it over with.  Understand the process and understand what you are about to do by pleading guilty.    If you have more questions reach out to us and we can help you.  Watch our video below