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Warrant issued in Maryland?

warrant in marylandFirst, pick up the phone and call me. Ada Chan.  So, you didn’t show up in court.  A judge issues a bench warrant pursuant to the Maryland Code and decides that you should be picked up by the police.  Sometimes, the police will come to your house or place of employment (or wherever they know you frequent) to pick you up.  It is important to note that a Maryland bench warrant will appear in all 50 states.  It will remain active until “quashed.”An experienced criminal defense attorney would file  a Motion To Recall The Bench Warrant.  A properly drafted motion will persuade the judge to “quash” and/remove the warrant.  If your motion to quash warrant is granted, the warrant will be removed and a new court date will be set.  The best time to address the outstanding warrant is BEFORE you get arrested.  So, don’t risk your freedom.  Lastly if you had a warrant issued in DC please read our DC warrant blog.   Hire an attorney.  Call us.  We can help you.

Appearance before District Court Commissioner

A court may deny your motion to quash warrant.  The more serious your charges are, the court may view that you are less likely to re-appear in court and deny your motion.  In that case, you need to make arrangement to turn yourself in.  Once you turn yourself in, you will appear before a District Court Commissioner who will determine bail. Your attorney will have opportunity to argue your release conditions or bail. It gets harder to ask for release if you are picked up by the police.  So, it is important to act promptly as waiting to get arrested randomly is a bad idea. The longer you wait, the greater the case for skepticism regarding your seriousness.
Failed to appear in Maryland and need help with a Maryland bench warrant?   I’m an experience Maryland lawyer who handles bench warrant and failure to appear.  BEFORE you turn yourself in or do anything else.  I’m an experience Maryland lawyer who handles bench warrant and failure to appear issues on a daily basis.