Urgent care clinic in DC for mental health or addiction at DC Superior Court

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Urgent Care Clinic in DC Superior Court

Urgent Care clinic for immediate help for people with mental health or addiction issues at DC Superior Court

It is almost impossible to practice criminal law without touching people lives who have mental health and drug addiction issues. In fact, your criminal lawyer in DC should be very familiar with some programs available to individuals who have mental health and drug addiction issues.    People sometimes forget that a lawyer’s job is to also counsel clients to make life changing choices so that negative behavior is not repeated.

DC Superior Court is a progressive Court with some cutting edge courts such as a drug court, mental health court, father’s court etc.     The Court has established a collaborative relationship between the DC Department of Behavioral Health, and Pathways Housing to provide treatment on-site at the DC Courthouse.  This collaborative relationship is called the Urgent care clinic at DC Superior Court

What Services are Offered:

The services offered are mental and substance abuse assessment, psychiatric evaluation, crisis intervention, medication management if recommended by the psychiatrist – they will also try to connect the person with necessary services such social workers, case managers and substance abuse counselors.

How it works

If you are adult and have a case pending in DC Superior Court and have been identified (self or by someone else) as a person in need of services for mental health or substance abuse treatment you will be asked to report to the Urgent Care Clinic on the 1st floor of DC Superior Court room 1230.   The services are available to you regardless of your income.  This is voluntary program.

After Referred:

After the assessment for mental or substance abuse(or both) the appropriate treatment level will be determined.  The Urgent Care Clinic will remain engaged with you for up to 90 days or until a long-term care provider has been established.

Main Point of Contacts for the Urgent Care Clinic in DC Superior Court

1) Tia Blake, Intake Coordinator, 202-879-1620

2)Stephanie Wilson,MD Psychiatrist, 202-879-1620

3)Khristine Heflin, LICSW, 202-879-1623

4)Marcie Lewis, BA, Case Manager, 202-879-1624

5)Carlos Reyes-Arriagada, CACII, 202-879-1973

6)Lauren Wasilchak,LGSW, CAC I, 202-879-1974

7)John Adams,BSW, 202-879-1972