Traffic tickets in Maryland

 How many points is that traffic ticket in Maryland?

Under the Maryland Point System, you are assessed a point value if you are convicted of a moving violation.  The higher the number, the more weight the offense has against your driving record.  Point accumulation remains indefinitely on your record.  Too many points will lead to penalties such as fine and/or license suspension or revocation.

How many traffic ticket points before I lose my license in Maryland

If you accumulate 3-4 points within 2 years, you will receive a warning notice.  It’s a way that MVA gives you a heads-up that any more points will lead to more severe consequences.  If you accumulate 5-7 points within 2 years, you will be required to attend some sort of drivers education.  These programs are offered by 3rd party vendors and their fees vary.  When you hit 8-11 points within 2 years, the MVA will start to question whether you are a danger to other motorist on the road.  You will then receive a notice of suspension.  At the 12 point mark, you will receive a Notice of Revocation.  You will then be asked to surrender your drivers license and reapply for a new license once the revocation period expires.  For a list of points and penalties, click here

Solving the Traffic Ticket Problem in Maryland

Unlike other states, Maryland does not offer dismissal of points when you attend drivers education classes.  You will, however, be required to complete this class if you accumulate 5-7 points within 2 years. It’s always a good idea to order a copy of your driving record periodically to check for erros.  Any unwarranted points could negatively affect the legal status of your driver’s license. In addition,  added points can cause an increase in your auto insurance rates.  If you are facing possible license revocation and/or suspension as a result of accumulation of points, it’s best to consult with an experienced MD traffic ticket lawyer (if not hire one).
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