Traffic Law in the District of Columbia and Maryland

We are traffic lawyers practicing in the District of Columbia and State of Maryland.  The District of Columbia and Maryland Code deals with motor and non-motor vehicles and traffic laws.  These laws are passed in order to promote safety, protection, and order for both drivers and pedestrians alike.  Furthermore, vehicle safety standards, the sale of vehicles, insurance, the regulation of car dealers, and the basic responsibilities of motorists are also regulated by the municipal regulations.  You can find most of the traffic laws online.  We have put traffic point infractions on our web sites in both jurisdiictions.   (   (


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Maryland Traffic Point System

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Some of the more serious traffic offenses Washington DC Traffic Violations

A traffic ticket can result in potentially serious consequences, for both your driving record and insurance rates. Before you simply pay the fine associated with the ticket you should call to find out what your options may be.  You should not settle for a needlessly harsh result when with legal representation you may be able to obtain a far more satisfactory outcome.  Please contact us.  At Rollins and Chan law firm we will try and get your traffic case dismissed or charges reduced.  In fact, the cost you pay may actually be less than the fines that you were ordered to pay.  So contact us today.

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