Theft in DC

Theft in DC

Theft in DC

Theft in the District of Columbia is defined as  (1) taking control over property ; (2) making an unauthorized use, disposition, or transfer of an interest in or possession of property; or (3) obtaining property by trick, false pretense, false token, tampering, or deception. 

When A person commits Theft

 A person commits the offense of theft if that person wrongfully obtains or uses the property of another with intent:   (1) To deprive the other of a right to the property or a benefit of the property; or (2) To appropriate the property to his or her own use or to the use of a third person.

When A person commits Theft of Services

Theft of services has become more and common in the District of Columbia.  It usually happens when a person fails to pay a taxi cab or restaurant bill.   In order for the government to prove the person is guilty of theft of services they must prove that the person obtained services and that he or she knew the services available for compensation and left the place where the services were obtained knowing or having reason to believe that no payment had been made for the services.

Penalty for Theft in DC

Theft in the first degree — If the value of the property obtained is $1000.00 dollars or more the penalty is 10 years and/or 25,000.00 dollar fine.  

Theft in the second degree — If the value of the property obtained has any value the penalty is 180 days and/or $1000.00 fine.

 Shoplifting in DC

A person commits the offense of shoplifting if, with intent to appropriate without complete payment any personal property of another that is offered for sale or with intent to defraud the owner of the value of the property, that person:

(1) Knowingly conceals or takes possession of any such property;

(2) Knowingly removes or alters the price tag, serial number, or other identification mark that is imprinted on or attached to such property; or

(3) Knowingly transfers any such property from the container in which it is displayed or packaged to any other display container or sales package.

Penalty for shoplifting

If convicted of shoplifting the penalty is 90 days and/or $500.00 dollar fine.

If you are charged with Theft or Shoplifting in the District of Columbia you need a criminal lawyer to get the best possible outcome.  Some cases are eligible for Diversion.

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