Taking Diversion in a criminal case

Mark RollinsCriminal Law

Hi. My name is Ada Chan. I’m an attorney at Rollins and Chan. Today we’re going to talk about, what is the reason why you should take diversion if you are innocent of the charges? This is the question that we get asked a lot by our clients. One reason that we, a lot of times, advise our clients to take diversion option is because you know what the conditions are. Typical diversion terms are community service, 32 hours or 48 hours or however many hours that the prosecutor require you to do under the agreement, or stay away from the offense location, or if it is a assault case typical diversion option is mediation that you would participate in a mediation session with the victim.
It’s a sure way of getting your case dismissed versus going to trial. There’s a lot of uncertainties with going to trial. That’s one reason why we advise our clients to consider a diversion option if it is available to them. For more information, please contact our office, 202-455-5610.