The status of driver’s license for out of state DC DUI conviction

Mark Rollins DUI

DC DUI lawyer explains what is the status of driver’s license for out of DC DUI conviction

What is my license status if I get out of DC DUI conviction.  What’s the status. One of the questions we often hear our criminal practice is if I was convicted of a DUI in D.C., but my license is in another state like Maryland or Virginia, will I lose my license in the other state? Hi my name is Mark Rollins and I’m an attorney here in Washington D.C. I practice primarily in the area criminal defense. I’m also licensed in the state of Maryland. Join me while I share in some great information in this of criminal law. You got charged with DUI in D.C., but your license is in another state. Will D.C. DMV notify my state where my driver’s license is of that offense? Most states operate under the interstate driver’s license compact statute, which is an agreement between the participating states to share information regarding certain types of offenses such as from driving, DUI, DWI and certain convictions like that. Because of the compact, D.C. will notify Maryland or the state where your driver’s license if your convicted of DUI. However, there are exceptions. Under the driver’s license compact, in order for a driver’s state to penalize you for an out of state offense, the driver’s state must have an equivalent statute. If the driver’s state does not have the equivalent statute, no action can be taken by your state. For example, if you’re convicted in D.C. of operating while intoxicated and your state does not have such a law, then no action will be taken by your state. I hope that helps the process of certain offenses in D.C. that may not be revocable in your home state.

Mark Rollins