SR22 and high-risk insurance in DUI casest Here

SR-22 high risk insuranceThe reality of any DUI conviction is that it will cause your insurance rates to go up. There is little chance of getting around that, short of getting the DWI charge reduced or dismissed. Even if a case is dismissed, if your license is suspended because of an implied consent or admin per se, your insurance rates may still go up.
When we speak of increased insurance premiums, there is very little objective or legal way to predict what your rates will be until the dust clears in your case, your insurance company finds out about the charge or suspension, and they either drop you or quote you a new rate to continue coverage. Of course, you can still compare auto insurance to find which policy is the most affordable for you.
A separate issue in DUI cases in many states is whether the arrest or conviction will result in a the requirement for an additional insurance policy or endorsement, usually called an “SR22.
An SR-22 is essentially a high-risk endorsement. It tells the licensing agency in your state that the insurance company is aware of the DUI or suspension, and that they are still willing to insure you.
In some states, how your case is handled will influence whether or not you will need to have a high risk insurance policy following your DUI case. It is very important to seek the advice of local counsel early on in the case, as sometimes, the timing or order of license suspensions can influence the insurance impact of your case.
Each state is different, and insurance is largely a private business arrangement. We highly recommend that you consult a local DUI lawyer early on in your case to make sure that you make all the right moves to minimize the insurance impact of your DUI arrest.