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What is a grand Jury Subpoena

In the District of Columbia, the grand jury is citizens serving on a jury to conduct legal proceedings, investigate potential criminal conduct, and determine whether criminal charges should be brought.    In DC, the grand jury may consist of sixteen to twenty-three members.  Twelve or more jurors must concur to return an indictment.    An indictment may be returned by less than twelve of the original grand jurors so long as the replacement jurors voting for the indictment are sufficiently informed of the evidence presented before their service began.    

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Police stay Outside

When police officers are effectuating an arrest warrant  they are not permitted to remain inside the residence to prevent the destruction of evidence while awaiting a search warrant once the arrestee and all other persons have been removed from the house,

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can police pat me down

In light of the black lives movement – the Court of appeals recently addressed a case specifically addressing young black males in DC contact with the police.  As the Court stated in this opinion,  police in the District of Columbia will sometimes go to far and violate the rights of individuals in the hopes of recovering weapons on drugs from the individual.  

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