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Getting a Protective Order Against My Roommate

The Court found that the parties “shared a mutual residence” within the meaning of D.C.Code § 16–1001 (5B)(A).   That limited relationship was enough, the Court ruled, to satisfy statutory prerequisites for an “intrafamily offense.”

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Intrafamily Offense Act

The Intrafamily offense Act “Act” is a law that authorizes DC Superior Court Judges to issue Civil Protection Orders (CPOs).  The Act is designed to give protection of the Court to persons harmed.

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Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped

202-455-5610 Washington DC & MD DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWYERS Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped? Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped? Domestic violence is defined as a crime committed against someone you are related by blood, adoption, legal custody, marriage, or domestic partnership, or with whom the offender has a child in common. The criminal charges are usually filed in the

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