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Intrafamily Offense Act

The Intrafamily offense Act “Act” is a law that authorizes DC Superior Court Judges to issue Civil Protection Orders (CPOs).  The Act is designed to give protection of the Court to persons harmed.

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Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped

202-455-5610 Washington DC & MD DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAWYERS Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped? Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped? Domestic violence is defined as a crime committed against someone you are related by blood, adoption, legal custody, marriage, or domestic partnership, or with whom the offender has a child in common. The criminal charges are usually filed in the

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Right to Remain Silent

202-455-5610 Washington DC criminal lawyer What do I have to do to exercise my right to remain silent what is the right to remain silent? Your right to remain silent applies when you are subject to custodial interrogation. That means, you have to be in police custody and it applies when police are questioning you in an attempt to elicit

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What is aiding and abetting

What is aiding and abetting pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 2?   Aiding and abetting is individual that assist other(s) in its commission of a crime through advice, actions, or financial support.    It is now well settled law that whoever aid, abet, procure, or  helps with the commission of a crime are guilty as principals. 

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