Repeat DUI Offenders in DC and Maryland: How not to go to jail

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Repeat DUI offenders
Repeat DUI offenders in DC and Maryland: How not to go to jail!!!
If you are reading this, either you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI (again) and you would like to know how to stay out of jail.  You have come to the right place.  This is by no means a guide.  However, we will provide you with tips on how to proceed with your case and what you can do to convince the judge not the throw the book at you.

Trial for repeat offenders in DC and Maryland

We will sit down with you and make a decision for the strengths and weakness of whether to set the case for trial.   You will be eligible for a jury trial and the stakes will be greater.   We are experienced trial lawyers and have tried thousands of criminal cases over the period of 18 years.   Most people think that good criminal lawyers is about winning; however, winning is not always hearing the “not guilty.”  Dont get me wrong “Not guilty” is a sweet victory but sometimes we just have to face the music and bite the bullet especially when the facts are just bad.   Sometimes winning is just hearing you are not going to jail or that you are keeping your driver’s license.    There are always options for trial; however, sometimes it is best to place your resources into treatment options and/or other alternatives.

Pleading Guilty and Sentencing for repeat offenders in DC and Maryland

If you plead guilty to a DUI or are found guilty, you will face sentencing which could include jail, fine, and other harsh restrictions on your freedom.  After a DUI conviction, some judges may order a presentence report.  Your criminal history and social background will be examined.  You will be referred for an interview with the probation department.  You may also be tested and assessed for drugs and/or alcohol treatment programs.  Our attorneys at Rollins & Chan can assist you during this process.  The time period leading up to your sentencing date is crucial.  If you are out on bond, there are ways in which you can mitigate your DUI criminal involvement.  E.g. voluntarily participate in the ignition interlock program, enroll yourself in AA/NA classes, etc.  At sentencing, you can then present to the judge of your commitment to sobriety by participating in these programs.  To counter any “aggravating factors,” such as repeat offenses, a good criminal defense lawyer may submit a memorandum in aid of sentencing to the judge.  It should set forth various mitigating circumstances in an attempt to reduce the severity of your sentence.   This is where a good criminal defense lawyer is important because the lawyer will strive to be as creative as possible in advocating for a lesser sentence. The goal is to provide the court with any and all positive information about you that would assist the court in its sentencing determination.  Our comprehensive assessment of your case will help you understand exactly what your options are.   Obviously, the best way to avoid going to jail as a repeat DUI offender is to win.  Another way is to convince the prosecution to reduce the charges in your case.  The third way is to receive a sentence of probation supervision.  Work with Rollins & Chan and know that you have done everything possible to prepare for sentencing after a drunk driving conviction in Washington, D.C. and/or Maryland
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