Refused to submit to chemical test Now What?

Mark Rollins DUI

DC DMV lawyer

If you were arrested for driving under in influence of drug and/or alcohol in the District of Columbia, you probably signed what is referred to as a DC implied consent form.  Essentially refusal to submit to chemical testing will suspend your license for 12 months.


You are still entitled to due process at the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicle Administration (DC DMV).    The officer should have given you what is referred to as a DC proposed notice of suspension.   Your refusal to sign the implied consent form will not automatically suspend your license. However, you must request your hearing department of motor vehicles.  If you fail to request a hearing your license will be suspended automatically.   You have 10 days to request a hearing if your license is in the District of Columbia and 15 days if your license is out of state.


Call us.  As attorneys in the District of Columbia that fight DUI cases, we tell all of our clients to go to DC DMV and request the hearing even if you did not submit to the chemical testing.  If you don’t have the time to request the hearing, let us do it.    Remember, The police officer may not show up for the DMV hearing and you will be permitted to drive pending the outcome in the DC Superior Court.

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