Prostitution Stings in the District of Columbia

Prostitution Sting Operation in DC

How do they work in D.C.? What if I get arrested in a sting?

 If you are wondering how prevalent D.C. prostitution is, just open up the newspaper.  Especially during the summer months, you will read about prostitution stings in D.C. just about once a week.  No longer is prostitution simply associated with street hookers parading down the red light districts of major cities.  Sex is advertised and sold in every town.  If you go on  Craigslist and search for dates or massage services, you will see a ton of those ads that subliminally advertising for prostitution.    Manicures and nail services are often code for sexual services as well.  DC Metropolitan Police Department has been focusing on flushing out the demand for sex as well as the supply.  They do this through “stings”, which is the subject of this blog post.

 What are Prostitution Stings in the District of Columbia?

“If you’ve been looking to relieve some stress, & experience a ride of pure pleasure that will be having you wanting more then look no farther. I’m available 24/7 ready to show you why I’m the best for you. so email me at”. “Would love to make arrangements meet this evening. This can be a one time deal or an ongoing arrangement depending on what you’re looking for. I am looking to meet as your discreet lover. I would like to be the person that pleasure you in every way”. Looks legit, right?  NOT!  If you respond to the ad, it’s not quite a crime yet unless you discuss the terms of payment and the sexual acts to be performed.  Often, MPD places those fake ads on Craigslist or  Let’s say you exchanged a few emails or phone calls and then meet up in some hotel.  Now, you have been caught up in a sting.  As long as you agree to pay for a sex act, it’s a crime of Sexual Solicitation for Lewd and Immoral Purpose in Washington, D.C.  You could subject yourself to 90 days in jail and/or $500.00 fine.

What if there was no sexual act?

“But we didn’t even do anything!!!” you said.  Does it still consider a Sexual Solicitation?  Unfortunately, yes.  In the District of Columbia, it is a crime to buy, sell, or facilitate the sale of sex. People commit the crime of prostitution in DC by engaging in, inviting, offering, or agreeing to engage in sexual contact in exchange for a fee.  D.C.’s prostitution law applies to both prostitutes and “johns.”

But I didn’t even give him/her any money!

Sorry, buddy.  It’s still a crime even if you didn’t give him/her any money, just as long as there’s some type of agreement between the two of you regarding the terms of payment and the sex acts to be performed.
What will happen to me in court?  Will I go to jail and have a record?

The good news is that if this is your first time, you will most likely qualify for diversion.  For more details about diversion, read this post.   Whether you will have a criminal record will depend on the kind of diversion you participate in.  If you are not eligible for diversion and decided to plea guilty or go to trial, your options for expungement will differ.  Call our Law Firm at (202) 455-5610 for a free telephone consultation.  We have defended this crime for nearly two decades.  We will take the stress out and handle your case from start to finish.  We offer cash discounts in select cases.  We handle prostitution cases in Washington, D.C., Prince George’s County, Charles County, Calvert County, St. Mary’s County, Montgomery County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County.