Can I possess a firearm in DC if I received a Civil Protection Order from another State

Civil Protection Order

Possession of a firearm in DC if I received a Civil Protection Order from another State

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NO.  You may not possess a firearm in the District of Columbia if a Protection Order was issued against you in any State.   The District of Columbia has very strict laws regarding civil protection orders.    The Protective Order in the other State requires you to relinquish the firearm.   

The law is codified in DC Code § 22–4503: (a) No person shall own or keep a firearm, or have a firearm in his or her possession or under his or her control, within the District of Columbia, if the person:

(5) Is subject to a court order that:

(B) Restrains the person from assaulting, harassing, stalking, or threatening the petitioner or any other person named in the order; and

(C) Requires the person to relinquish possession of any firearms;

What is a Protection Order in DC?

So Protective Order may be defined differently by each State.   In the District of Columbia a Protective Order is an order issued by a Court that orders that person from assaulting, harassing, stalking, or threatening the petitioner or any other person named in the order;

If I received a Protective Order in Maryland Can I possess a Firearm in DC?

No.    Maryland bars by Statute the removal of a firearm.   The Judge in Maryland that issues a final protective must order the removal of firearms.  The Statute in Maryland does not give the Maryland Judge a choice as they are required to order the individual not to possess firearms.  We are also Maryland lawyers and we routinely hear this question from our clients. 

 See: MD Fam L Code § 4-506 (2016)

What is the Penalty if I Possess a Firearm in the District of Columbia with an Out of State CPO?

It is a felony to possess a firearm in the District of Columbia after a Civil Protection Order has been issued against you.   The Penalty to possess a firearm in the District of Columbia after a civil protection order is not less than 2 to 10 years, fined not more than a $25,000.00 dollar fine.  

Can I Request a Judge in DC to possess a firearm after a Civil Protection Order has been issued?

No.  The Judge must have some statutory authority to allow a person to possess a firearm in the District of Columbia after a CPO is entered.   There is no authority for a Judge to allow a modification to DC  Code § 22–4503

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I cannot thank The Rollins and Chan Law Firm enough for their incredible work on my case! Mark is a phenomenal attorney and has been tremendously helpful and prompt throughout the entire process. I called him last year with so much anxiety and worry about a charge that he was certain would get dismissed and advised me that once it happened, to call him back and he would work on getting my record expunged. Sure enough, the charge was dismissed and I reached back out to him this year and he got right to work on my case! Thanks to him, my record has now been CLEARED! The process was seamless and turnaround time was about 2 1/2 months which was sooner than I had expected. I am soooo grateful and blessed to have stumbled across their firm online! Please, if you have any issues regarding criminal matters , The Rollins and Chan Law Firm has you covered. I 10/10 highly recommend!!
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My experience with the Rollins and Chan Law Firm was incredibly efficient. I found the firm through a quick Google search and within hours of the initial inquiry, I spoke with Ada who took care to explain laws and procedures in a way that was accessible and relevant. Both attorneys were professional and personable. They were responsive to all of my inquiries, usually replying within hours, and they took care to address each of my specific concerns. They utilized a secure online portal that allowed me to sign, view, and download important documents so working remotely was not an issue. They were upfront about fees and, more generally, clearly promote a culture of transparency with clients. And the fact that they are attorneys of color was just icing on the cake. I was wholly satisfied with their service and highly recommend them without reservation.
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Ada Chan is the top best attorney in Washington DC that I have come across. I contacted her when I got into trouble with law enforcement and she went through my case and advised me to keep calm and not to worry about it until my court date. She promised me that she would work hard to get my case dismissed and she delivered on her promise. Ada got my case dismissed and I didn't even need to go to court. That is a superb job and an outcome that any attorney and client would hope for and Ada Chan did it for me. She has saved my family and my career. GOD bless her and her family!!! If I ever come across with any legal issue again, Ada is my number one choice!!!
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Mr. Rollins is Amazing! He isn’t just any public defender, he actually cares and does what is best for you! Thanks a bunch!
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I had a really wonderful experience with Ada and Mark! When I began my search for law firms, I was really starting to feel hopeless with finding a firm in D.C. where I felt I wasn’t being taken advantage of and my wallet wasn’t being gouged. But all those worries went away the minute I called The Rollins and Chan Law Firm.From the beginning, Ada was super honest with me, and she’s funny and easy to get along with to boot. They truly were the only firm I felt I was getting my money’s worth because both Ada and Mark were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. The best part is that I’m from out of town (about 4-5 hours away) and everything was being handled so well, that I didn’t even have to make a single trip to D.C. during my case. I made about ten calls to different law firms, and I can say, hands down, the Rollins and Chan Law Firm was the easiest and best decision I made!! Definitely give them a call!
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Mark Rollins is a down to earth awesome lawyer. When things looked kind of grim during trial, he came up with some creative stuff for my defense. Honestly I can't believe I didn't have to do anything but leave the courthouse. If I was to catch another charge like the ones he beat for me, I'm going to have to take it to trial, and go with my best chance. When it comes to DUI/DWI/and other types of drug charges, it's ?% Mark Rollins.
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There are thousands of choices and you can only choose one. And I'm extremely happy I chose Rollins and Chan. I never needed a lawyer in the past and they represented my interests beyond my greatest expectations. They are fervent in their efforts, quick to communicate and available to their clients. I now find myself confident that if I need representation or councle in the future, I have a line to the best around. Choose them and you will too.
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Aida Chan is a great lawyer who really cares about people, I interviewed several lawyers and she was from the beginning the most direct and clear, she spoke of the legal options educating not sowing fear and her way of charging her fees is transparent, I I hired her and she did an incredible job I would hire her again every time.
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When I initially reached out to this law firm, I was hesitant because I thought the price was pretty steep. However, after reaching out to 4 more law firms I realized that Rollins and Chan is not only very competitively priced, they offered expertise in numerous legal matters. My specific situation required that it be handled discretely and as fast as possible. Ada Chan was the lawyer that handled my case and I could not be happier with the results. The case was dismissed before there even was one. I highly recommend this law firm based on my personal experience with Ada Chan. She really went the extra mile to make sure everything went smoothly.
I contacted Mrs. Chan regarding a 'No permit' case after finding her through Google. She was prompt in responding to me and more importantly took the time to explain the process and various options for fee in layman terms that I could understand. She was patient in answering my multiple questions as this was the first time hiring a lawyer for me. Not only her fee was reasonable, she went above and beyond by representing me at the DMV in addition to the criminal court. She got both dismissed! She is a great attorney (which probably there are many in DC) but most important to me was that she made it easy to work with her. Thanks Chan.
Mzs JohnsonMzs Johnson
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Wow! Where does one even BEGIN to rate this Firm at anything less than 10 stars!? I cannot say enough about how GREAT Ada, and Mark are! From the very first time I called their office to retain counsel; I knew this was the Firm for me. Ada took my call, and she was so sympathetic and passionate about my situation without having met me face to face. I was a victim of police brutality, and subsequently was charged with "Resisting Arrest, and Obstructing and Hindering". Although my charges were misdemeanors, they carried 3 years. Ada from the very beginning took on my case with a fury! She stayed in contact with me via text, and responded immediately if I texted or called her with questions or concerns. Not only that, she is so compassionate that she would offer words of comfort and healing whenever I was feeling apprehensive, or stressed out about my case. She is unlike any other attorney I have ever dealt with. Her close communication, and concern really made me feel like she was my best friend or sister. Ada and Mark are both EXTREMELY knowledgeable about their expertise of law! Before my trial, they called me down to their office to go over my case before court. They wanted to make sure that I understood everything, and answered any questions or concerns that I had at no additional charge. My first court date was pushed back, rescheduled for two months out. I was never charged any additional fees for them to appear with me in court an additional time. They were extremely fair and reasonable for the above and beyond services they provided! I had my final case yesterday, and not only was it a VICTORY; I also received a better deal than I anticipated! The 3 years my charges carried were dropped, as well as the 2 years supervised probation the State's Attorney was trying to impose upon me, and one of the charges was STETTED. I walked out of the courtroom yesterday with Probation before Judgement for my charges! That is blessing from above. I felt TOTALLY exonerated by the outcome! First to God be the Glory for leading me to Rollins and Chan, and secondly, THANK YOU Ada and Mark! I'm so GRATEFUL for both of you succeeding in winning my case for me! It's folks like the two of you who truly care about the folks you represent, and the outcome of their situations. You all should be the poster child for ALL attorney's across the nation! Folks, I'm telling you....if you are in need of a Criminal Defense Attorney; don't waste your time looking elsewhere, or I guarantee you will be highly disappointed! You will NOT find a greater Firm than Rollins and Chan, and I will put MONEY on that! Although I love them dearly, I pray not to have to see them again under any other circumstances dealing with the law! LOL! But all jokes aside, thank you again Rollins and Chan for showing up, and showing out! I will continue to refer your Firm if ever I know someone in need. Keep up the great work! Cheers to the number ONE Criminal Defense Team in the DMV! #Friendsforlife #BonnieandClyde #God Bless
Joey VasquezJoey Vasquez
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Where do I start? I really liked Rollins and Chan, I'm so happy I was able to have them represent me. It's only these two attorneys so when you talk to someone you're talking to the person that will represent you. They are both very friendly and knowledgeable. They don't sugar coat it and are up front and forward about everything. They kept in contact with me from day one to make sure any and all of my questions were answered. I was fortunate enough to have my case dropped on my way to the courthouse, I cannot explain how happy I am with their work and service! They're definitely well worth it!
Yohannes AmanYohannes Aman
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I'm not the best at verbalising things but when it comes to Ada Chan (Rollins and Chan)all I can say is wow! What kept me up and overwhelmed me was put to rest with the legal advice I received.Simply put the honesty of the firm will prove best whether it's good news or a fight. The firm carries this much positive feedback for a reason. Thankyou so much Ada!!!!
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Had a great day in court mr mark rollins was the best lawyer. He hears you ponit and fights for your rights and your freedom i was proud to have mr rollins as a lawyer
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I was in dire need of legal representation, I did my research and came across The Rollins and Chan Law Firm. After talking to Ms Chan about my legal situation, I was truly confident in choosing this firm to handle my legal matters. I made an appointment to meet Mr Rollins and everything was above what I expected. The process was quick to get rectified with this team of counsellors, I am very happy with everything they have done for me. If anyone is in need of legal representation, this is the best choice to handle it. The communication was phenomenal. Thank you Mr Rollins and Ms Chan for giving me a fresh start in life again.
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Mark Rollins is an excellent attorney. He's very knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to client advocacy and representation. I highly recommend the Rollins and Chan Law firm.
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Ada Chan is beyond AMAZING. I am now living in Florida and she texted me, called me immediately, absolutely anytime I had a question or concern. I still keep in touch with her after she won my case. I only wish she practiced law in Florida! LOVE ROLLINS and CHAN! Thank you both so much.
Matt MarioMatt Mario
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Retaining Ms. Chan as my attorney was the best move I made in my case. Two weeks before my court date, I had not decided on a lawyer. I was very uneasy and stressed out. Up to that point, I spoke to three lawyers but I was not convinced. Doing a little more research, I found Ms. Chan and gave her a call. I gave her details of my case and informed her of my prior convictions. She gave me step by step what the process would be with the prosecution and possible scenarios. As we spoke, I was very comfortable and had full confidence in her ability to get me the best outcome possible. I was able to meet with Ms. Chan and Mr. Rollins not long after and felt even more stress was lifted off my shoulders. As a working student with two jobs, the price she quoted me was very affordable. With the short amount of time before my court date, she gathered all the information needed to find the best outcome. Being that I was a previous offender, Ms. Chan was able to negotiate a deal to get my charges dismissed. I am very thankful of her time and effort, because it benefits me and my future. Throughout the process, she was able to keep me updated, helped me relax and stay at ease. She guaranteed exceptional service and her efforts went above and beyond. Not to mention, she puts herself in her client’s shoes so she understands and cares. There was never any moment I had doubt. Ms. Chan met all my expectations and I would highly recommend her to my friends, family, and everyone
jason kimjason kim
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They are the BEST!! Easy to get a hold of and really care about you. I was really stressed about my court case but they helped me through it. Even better, they got my case dismissed!They have the best rates and customer service around. They know what they are doing!!
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Ada is a beast. She thoroughly held my hand through the process of my case and made me feel comfortable with choosing her out of all the other firms in DC. She worked diligently and kept me posted at all times of my case status and answered any questions regardless of the day and time. Ada is very responsive and ready to answer any questions you have and will guide you through the ins and outs of the process. Would rate 6 stars but 5 is the max.
Q HefnerQ Hefner
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Mark and Ada are the TRUTH! Hands down! From the beginning, Ada listened to the details of my case over the phone, and gave transparent and objective advice. Most, if not all, other firms don't want to listen to your case details without setting up an initial face-to-face consultation ($$$). Ada is comical and will respond to any questions you have via text - in record time - every time! Mark communicates best via email, but is nevertheless equally as responsive. Mark and Ada and will break all the court jargon and law terminology down in such a way that makes you understand both the fine details and the big picture of your case. With Mark and Ada, you will pay a reasonable, flat rate and their attentiveness, guidance, and execution are second to none! They will come up with a game-plan and carry it out with precision. I am completely satisfied and I have nothing but high regards for Mark and Ada. And although I don't want to have to, I would request their services again or recommend them to family or friends.