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Sealing Record in the District of ColumbiaWhat does it mean to seal your criminal record in DC

The typical order generally states:

“Upon consideration of the defendant’s Motion to Seal Criminal Records On Grounds of Actual Innocence, in this case, filed pursuant to D.C. Code 16-802, and the government’s concession thereto, the Court hereby enters the following findings pursuant to DC Code 16-802(h).

Order to law enforcement agencies

….the law enforcement agency responsible for defendant’s arrest, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Pretrial Services Agency, the D.C. Department of Corrections, and the Court Services and Offender Supervision  Agency, shall seal  any  record  that  identifies  the  defendant, that the United States Attomey=s Office arrange for any computerized record of defendant=s arrest, prosecution, or

Order to Prosecution Office

…that the United States Attorney’s Office arrange for any computerized record of defendant’s arrest, prosecution, or conviction in this case to be eliminated, except for a restricted-access file that would permit the United States Attomey’s Office and the law enforcement agencies listed above to retrieve sealed records in this case if ordered to do so by the Court.

Maintaining Some Records

….that the United States Attorney’s Office and the law enforcement agencies listed above may maintain a publicly available record of defendant’s arrest, prosecution, or conviction in this case, as long as it is not retrievable by the identification of the defendant.

The Court will purge records

….that the Clerk of the Superior Court shall purge any computerized record pertaining to the defendant’s arrest, record, or conviction in this  case;

What you Get to say Regarding the Record

ORDERED that the defendant shall be restored, in the contemplation of the law, to the status the defendant occupied before being arrested or charged in this case, and that the defendant may not be found guilty of perjury or giving a false statement by reason of the defendant’s failure to recite or acknowledge the defendant’s arrest, charge or trial in this case, in response to any inquiry made of him for any purpose.”

Do you need your Criminal Record Sealed

This is typically what the court orders if you are granted relief by DC Superior Court to seal your criminal record.    You have more questions about sealing give our office a call.

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