More Issues with DC DUI breathtest

Mark Rollins DUI

More issues with DC DUI breathtestMore issues with DC DUI breathtest program.  It gets ridiculous how incompetent some people can be.  On November 21, 2018, the office of Attorney General’s Office for the District of Columbia (“OAG”) sent the  District of Columbia defense bar a formal letter that the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner’s Breath Alcohol Program (“OCME BAP”) has discovered discrepancies within their program testing. The OCME BAP is utilized by the Metropolitan Police Department (“MPD”) when a citizen is arrested for driving under the influence in the District of Columbia.  Remember this is not first time they have issues regarding the breathtest.   A few years ago they had convicted people on faulty data.  The District is at least trying to overcome some of their issues.

Discovered the Issue

On November 19, 2019, the OAG has requested the Court to postpone on all cases involving breath instruments maintained by OCME’s BAP.

The OAG states that they are reviewing all active cases, including pending sentencing case and post-disposition cases. They have indicated that this audit will take a few weeks to complete.

DC DUI Experienced Attorney

An experienced DC DUI attorney is what you need in order to successfully defend against a DUI in the District of Columbia.  We try to stay up on all issues.  Whether its the breathtest or any other issue.  We try to stay involved and keep our research and study up to date.  This is exactly why you must have an experienced DC DUI lawyer if you are arrested in the District of Columbia. This is not the first time OCME BAP has had issues with the breath test in DC.

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