Do I need a lawyer for a Civil Protection Order hearing in DC

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 Do I need lawyer for a Civil Protection Order case in DC

Do I need a lawyer for a civil protection order hearing? So you have been served with a temporary protective order and a hearing date has been set. Now you are asking yourself, do I need a lawyer? What is a temporary Protective Order? A temporary protection order (TPO) is a “temporary” order issued by a Judge that requires you to stay away from another individual. Well, It is not easy to navigate through a Civil Protection Order case in the Domestic Violence Court in the District of Columbia.  If you have just been served with a Temporary Protection Order, you only have a few days to find an attorney to figure out your next step.  It is often stressful.  It may be wise to leave the stress to your attorney to find a resolution.  One of the best outcomes in a CPO matter is to successfully negotiate with the petitioner and have the case dismissed against you.  However, if there is a Temporary Protection Order in place, it is impossible to negotiate with the Petitioner.  An attorney who acts on your behalf can negotiate with the Petitioner or his/her attorney on the terms of any possible settlement or resolutions of the matter.  Sometimes, it may not be in your best interest to settle the case.  In the event that you proceed to a trial, it is best to be represented by an attorney so you can map out your strategies in defending a CPO. 

Collateral Consequences

There may be collateral consequences having a civil protection order issued against you. For example, you may be prohibited from owning a gun. It may also held against you when getting your security clearance for a Government. Talk to an experienced lawyer who has done civil protection order hearings in the District of Columbia.

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