is Simple Assault a Felony in the District of Columbia?

No, simple Assault is a misdemeanor offense.   However, you could be charged with felony assault if you intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes significant bodily injury to the person.

What determines Significant Bodily Injury?

is assault a felony in DCSignificant Bodily Injury is defined as injury that requires hospitalization or immediate medical attention.  You do not have to go to hospital to still be found to have committed significant bodily injury.

What is Maximum Sentence I Could Receive for Simple Assault in DC?

The maximum penalty for simple assault in the District of Columbia is 180 days and/or $1000.00 fine.  

Will I go to Jail for Simple Assault in DC?

No attorney can promise whether you will go to jail or not; however, most simple assault cases are resolved without a jail sentence.  In fact, most people charged with simple assault in the District of Columbia receive diversion.

What are types of Assault that are Felonies

Simple Assault is not a felony.  There are types of assault that can be felonies.   Assault with significant bodily injury, Assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, assault on a police officer, assault with intent to kill.  These are all types of assault cases that can be felonies.   The prosecutor determines whether to charge the assault case as a felony.  Usually if there is a weapon involved and signficant bodily injury you will be charged with a felony.  

What should I do If I am charged with Assault?

You should immediately contact an attorney if you are charged with assault.   At Rollins and Chan we have handled thousands of assault cases over 22 years.