What is The Interstate Drivers License Compact with respect to DUI cases


interstate license compact with reference to duiMany states have agreed to share information about licensed drivers with each other. This becomes important in DUI cases involving out of state licensees.

The interstate motor vehicle compact, or multi-state drivers compact is essentially an agreement to make driver information available from state to state. Some states do not participate, and therefore  do not share information with or receive information from other states.
How does this impact your DUI case?
The following are situations where a state’s participation in the program might have an effect on your case:
  • You are licensed in one state, but receive your DUI in another state;
  • You receive a DUI in your home state, but are planning to move while your case is pending, or shortly thereafter;
  • You live in a state where you receive a DUI. You have a prior DUI from another state, the existence of which may complicate your current case.
  • You received a DUI in a state, even years ago. You now live in another state. There is something not completed about your old DUI case. You now need to renew your expired license.
There are other scenarios that may come into play as well.
Because each state differs in their use of the compact, it is essential to hire an attorney who is well-versed in the interstate issues if one applies to your case. It is also important that you hire an attorney who is willing and able to consult with DUI defense colleagues in other states when there are multi-state issues that affect your case.