Ineligible Misdemeanors Offenses for Expungment

ineligible misdemeanors for expungementThis video discusses in depth misdemeanors offenses that are not eligible to be sealed in the District of Columbia.  

Criminal lawyer in DC discusses ineligible misdemeanors offenses for expungment Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Mark Rollins. I’m a criminal attorney here in Washington D.C. I also practice in the state of Maryland and my primary area of focus is criminal law. Today, we’re going to be discussing whether you’re convicted of a criminal charge, let’s say five years ago, and now you’re questioning whether you can have that charge expunged. First and foremost … There’s a bunch of videos I have on this series that should be available to you that talk about that expunging process. Let’s talk about what’s not expugnable. First of all, almost 99% of the felonies are not expugnable. That means that no matter what you do or amount of time that’s gone by, you cannot get the felony expunged. There’s also a good deal of some misdemeanors that are not expugnable. I’m going to go through them in just a second. I’m going to switch off the camera for a minute and switch onto my other screen. I want to you to look at some of these offenses. If you’re charged with one of these offenses, they’re not expugnable. There’s nothing you can do other than contact the legislators and ask them to change the law on this. These offenses are not expugnable. These are the ineligible misdemeanors that cannot be expunged, and I’m going to go through these relatively quick. They’re also in the code. You can always locate them in the code, and they should be on my website as well. Interpersonal violence between partners, that D.C. Code section, you cannot have that expunged, driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor offence that requires you to register you as a sex offender, criminal abuse of a vulnerable adult, interfering with access to a medical facility, possession of a pistol by a convicted felon, failure to report child abuse, refusal or neglect of guardian to provide for child under 14 years of age, disorderly conduct (referencing peeping tom), misdemeanor sexual abuse, violating the Sex Offender Registration Act, violating child labor laws, election/petition fraud, public assistance fraud, trademark counterfeiting, attempted trademark counterfeiting, fraud in the second degree, attempted fraud, credit card fraud, attempted credit card fraud, misdemeanor insurance fraud, attempted insurance fraud, telephone fraud, attempted telephone fraud, identity theft (second degree), attempted identity theft, fraudulent statement or failure to make statement to an employee, fraudulent withholding information or failure to supply information to employer, fraud and false statements, false statement/dealer certificate, false information, no school bus driver license, false statement on DMV document, no permit (two or greater offense), altered title, altered registration, no commercial driver’s license, a violation of Building and Housing Code regulations, a violation of the Public Utility Commission regulations, attempt or conspiracy to commit any of the above offenses. All of these offenses, there’s about 40 of them, they are ineligible misdemeanors that you cannot expunge. We’re going to switch back over to the video now. I’m back. What I’d like for you to do is if your charge was not on there and you were convicted in the District of Columbia, and you had a misdemeanor charge that was not on the list that I just went through in that small presentation, then feel free to contact us and we’ll show you and then walk you through on how to do this. My office is always available and the number’s on the screen and as well as the website. There are also books on the website that you can download that’ll help you. Please subscribe to our channel and thanks for watching.
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