I received a letter from Metropolitan Police Department?

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Received a Letter from Metropolitan Police Dpartment

Ok, so you received a letter from Metropolitan Police Department saying that your vehicle was involved in an accident.  The letter probably looks something like this – Sample MPD Hit and Run Letter.

Should I email the Police Officer?

NO! Do not email the officer.  I know you want to be a good citizen and tell the officer exactly what happened.  However, your statements to the officer are not protected.   So even a simple statement is all the officer needs to make out his case.

The Officer is Investigating a Leaving After Colliding Accident

You received this letter from Metropolitan police department because they are investigating a leaving after the accident for property or personal injury pursuant to the DC Code.

Should I schedule the meeting with the Officer?

No! Do not schedule the meeting with the officer.    What can you possibly tell the officer that he won’t use against you?   Let the attorney do the talking for you.  Remember, the attorney statements cannot be used against you.  Furthermore, that’s what the lawyer is there to do – protect you.

So what do I do about the letter?

You contact your friendly neighborhood lawyer and let him/her do something about it.  The lawyer will guide you through the process.    The lawyer will contact the officer and may even go to the police station with you if necessary.   Most of the time, you will not have to do anything if you follow the lawyer’s advice.

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