How to beat a sexual solicitation Charge

how to beat a sexual solicitation caseOne question we rountinely get is how to beat a sexual solicitation charge in DC.  As you know from your reading our website and other material is that sexual solicitation in the District of Columbia is a misdemeanor.  The cases are heard in DC Superior Court.   Experience counts – Teaching new lawyers that winning does not always mean hearing “Not Guilty.”  Sometimes winning means getting the case dismissed with no record.   Its not always to the client’s advantage to go to trial to hear “Not guilty.”  

Most solicitation cases in DC are not tried

Beating a solicitation case in DC usually means not taking it to trial?  Why you ask?  Good Question.  There are two reasons

  • (1) Its a bench trial (meaning your word vs. the officer’s word)
  • (2) Can not risk having a solicitation criminal conviction on your record

So beating case means getting the case dismissed or divert it

There has been a change in Washington, DC regarding sexual solicitation cases.  In fact, you may find in a few years that it is decriminalized completely.  The U.S. Attorneys has been willing to dismiss a few of the case out right.  If they will not agree to dismiss the case outright, then participate in diversion and get the case dismissed.    

Legal Defenses to a sexual solicitation charge

While jail is unlikely in a sexual solicitation charge in DC, a prostitution conviction will have consequences in your personal and professional life and may result in lasting damage to your reputation.  If you are facing charges of prostitution or solicitation, your best bet is to hire a DC criminal defense lawyer who knows how to help you fight the charges and achieve your best possible outcome.  An attorney will review the details of your case to decide what is the best defense strategy to help you to get your charges dismissed.    The following  defense can be raised:

  • Language barrier and therefore, no contract to engage in prostitution
  • Mistakes made on police records, failure to turn over proper reports
  • Insufficient evidence to make a conviction
  • Entrapment
What should I do now

Contact a criminal lawyer that regularly practices in DC Superior Court.    If you or someone you know has been charged with a prostitution, it is important to secure legal defense for your case as soon as possible. As a DC Criminal Defense Lawyer with over 22 years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to examine your case and develop a defense strategy that will help to get you the best possible outcome. We have done over a thousand solicitation cases in the District of Columbia.