How much does a lawyer charge for a DMV hearing?

How much does a lawyer charge for a DMV hearing?

So you got a traffic ticket and now you want to know, how much does a lawyer charge for a DMV hearing?  Generally, a lawyer would charge about $500.00 dollars to handle a DMV hearing. 

Why Does it Cost So Much for a lawyer for a DMV hearing?

  Why in the world how does a lawyer charge $500.00 for a DMV hearing ?  And now you’re asking yourself why would I hire a lawyer for $500 to handle a ticket that cost less than the actual ticket.   Your hiring a lawyer for 3 reasons:

(1)Your car insurance rates will go up if you are found liable for the traffic infraction.  See the how ticket will impact your rates.

(2)If the police officer does not show and we appear the case will be dismissed;

(3)Finally, we may be able to convince the hearing examiner to reduce the points assessed in this case.  Please see the DC Traffic Points to see how many points your ticket could be assessed.

What should I hire your Firm to handle my DMV hearing?

The simple answer is because we have over 22 years of experience handling DMV hearings at the DC Department of Motor Vehicles.  

Can I just do it Myself? 

Absolutely, you can handle your traffic ticket.   This is administrative hearing before a hearing examiner in the District of Columbia.    You should be prepared and do a little research on the law of your traffic offense in the District of Columbia.  Bring as much supportive evidence to the hearing.

How do I hire your firm to handle my DMV case

We use a simplified process to handle DMV cases because we value your time – rarely will you ever have to come into the office to sign anything because it is done all online.

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