How to get your DC driving record?

DC Driving Record

Obtain a D.C. Driving Record

How to get a copy of your D.C. driving record

To obtain a certified copy of your D.C. driving record for the last 3, 5, or 10 years, you may complete this form, submit payment ($7 for 3 or 5 year history, $13 for 10 year history), appear in person at any DC DMV locations, or write to:

Attn: Driver Records
PO Box 90120

Washington, DC 20090

Bring proof of identification (or a copy) with you to DMV in person.  Driving record will be available immediately.  If by mail, it takes 14 business days.


You must have one of the following, a D.C. driver’s license,
learner’s permit, non-driver’s ID and you can have an out of state license
as long as it’s not expired for more than one year and a D.C. driver’s
license not more than five years old. U.S. passport, military or military dependent
ID, current ID issued by federal, state or territory government showing
your date of birth, current INS documents, foreign passports.

How to obtain your Driving Record in Washington, DC.