How to Reinstate My Driver's License After Revocation in DC

Get Drivers license reinstated after revocation

My license was in another state but DC revoked my driver privileges in DC

When arrested in DC, for DUI you had 15 days (10 days if your license was in DC) to request a hearing before the Department of Motor Vehicles in the District of Columbia (DCDMV). If you failed to request a hearing, its possible your driving privileges were revoked in the District of Columbia. It does not necessarily mean your license is suspended in your home state, but you will not be allowed to drive in the District of Columbia.

Resolution of your Matter in DC Superior Court for your DUI

Once your matter is resolved in the District of Columbia Superior Court, you will have to reapply for reinstatement of your driving privileges.   If you were convicted than your home state has probably suspended or revoked your license and you will need to follow their procedures for reinstatement of your license.   Furthermore, you will have to wait six months/and or 1 year (depending on the allegation) before you can request reinstatement of your right to drive in the District of Columbia.

If your matter was resolved by deferred sentencing agreement

Some first-time offenders of DUI are resolved through a deferred sentencing agreement.   The home state should not have taken action since you were not convicted.   If you complete the DSA, you will still need to reapply for reinstatement of your rights to drive in the District of Columbia. If your driving under the influence case was resolved by diversion (deferred sentencing agreement) and the District of Columbia Department of motor vehicle revoked your license you must request a reinstatement hearing to get your driving privileges reinstated.

National Registry System

If your home state took no action on your driver’s license, it might still be on National Registry
Even if your home state took no action on your driver’s license, the District of Columbia still might have placed your license in the National Driver Register (NDR), and therefore, you will have to apply to the DCDMV for reinstatement.

What you will need to do:

If your license is in another State and DC revoked your driving privileges.

1. Request a reinstatement hearing.

2. At the hearing bring proof of completion of a traffic alcohol program, driving record from your home state (the state that issued your license). If you driver’s license is another State you do not need to get SR-22 insurance if you entered a DSA or were not convicted.

3. If convicted in DC Superior Court of DUI, you would also need to bring proof of SR-22 insurance.

If your license is in the District of Columbia:

If your driver’s license were in the District of Columbia, you would need to retake the knowledge examination, bring proof of completion of traffic alcohol program and proof of SR-22 insurance.

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