Fight my traffic ticket in the District of Columbia DMV

Should I fight my traffic ticket in the District of Columbia DMV?

If you are like me, you have a million things going on.  Life, family, job, etc.  There aren’t enough hours in a day to finish everything.  If you are issued a traffic ticket, is it worth your time and effort to contest it at Department of motor vehicles(DMV) in the District of Columbia?  The answer is: it depends.  There are a number of questions you should ask yourself before you answer a traffic citation.  If I pay the ticket, will my insurance rates go up?  Do I have legal grounds to fight the ticket? Can I lose my license if I admit fault? Assess your situation and the severity of the traffic infraction before you spend time and/or money to contest a traffic ticket.  Tickets are not impossible to beat.   However, do not think you are going to Perry Mason or something.  This is not criminal – its a civil infraction.  For some tickets, liability isn’t so clear cut.  Sometimes the police office may make errors on the face of your ticket.  So always READ YOUR TRAFFIC CAREFULLY.  Did he write down the correct license plate?  What about the location?  Was the alleged traffic infraction correctly cited?

Deciding to Fight Your traffic Ticket in DC DMV

If you do decide to fight your ticket, be prepared and be ready to present evidence to support your position.  E.g. take pictures of the area where the alleged traffic violation occurred.  Take pictures of the sign if it’s a parking ticket when the sign is unclear. The District makes it as difficult as possible to find a space, and once one is found the city makes it even harder to pay the meter.  Signs are often confusing. When the signs are conflicting, pictures are your best evidence!  In 2013, District of Columbia generated over $92,000,000 revenue from parking tickets alone.

DUI, Operating on a suspended license, or Reckless driving in the DC is not civil infraction

If you have been charged with serious traffic offenses.  DUI/ DWI, Driving after Suspension, Reckless Driving, No Permit, etc.  These kind of cases go to DC Superior Court not DMV; and therefore, you should seek  legal counsel.  Even if the offense is not jailable, it could still have an impact on you or your driving record.  You may be assessed points.  Your insurance rate could increase.  You have a right to contest your ticket.  Be prepared to challenge the evidence presented by the police officer.  If you need legal assistance, we are always happy to help.   Contact us at (202) 455-5610 for a free phone consultation.  
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