Expunging Your Criminal Record for Misrepresentation of Age

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What does it mean to Expunge your criminal record for misrepresentation of age in the District of Columbia?

Expunging Misrepresentation of age in dcIf you have been arrested an convicted of falsely representing your age, or possessing or presenting as proof of age a false identification document your record can still be expunged so that this arrest does not impact your future.   Pursuant to DC Code  § 25–1002 you can have your record expunged after conviction or resolution of the case.  See our blog 

What is fake identification or misrepresentation of age?

In the District of Columbia “no person shall falsely represent his or her age, or possess or present as proof of age an identification document which is in any way fraudulent, for the purpose of purchasing, possessing, or drinking an alcoholic beverage in the District.”  Furthermore

In DC “No person shall present a fraudulent identification document for the purpose of entering an establishment possessing an on-premises retailer’s license, an Arena C/X license, or a temporary license.”

This is a misdemeanor offense that carries a fine of not more than $300 and suspension of driving privileges in the District for 90 consecutive days.

How long do I have to wait to ask the Court to expunge my misrepresentation of Age case?

 Upon the expiration of 6 months following the date of a conviction or a dismissal of a proceeding, or upon the expiration of 6 months following the date of arrest if no information was filed, any person who was arrested for, or criminally charged by information with, any offense under this section may petition the court for an order expunging from the official records all records…


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