DUI in Maryland

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Arrested for DUI in Maryland

If you get arrested for DUI in Maryland – call a lawyer.    If you were arrested in Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Charles County, St. Mary’s County, or Calvert County – we can help.   Watch one of our videos on DUI in Maryland.   If you watch a video or review our website you will find helpful information for you or your family member who got charged with DUI in one of those counties that I just listed.  Obviously, we dont do all counties in Maryland because we are based in the District of Columbia.

The Process for a DUI Arrest in Maryland

First, let me explain to you the process. The officer pulled you over, found probable cause for DUI, issued you the citation. You will not get a court date immediately. You may even have a few months before you actually have to appear in district court. I hope by now you have contacted an attorney or contacted us so that we can take a proactive step towards fighting your case.  If you are charged with a DUI in Maryland, you do need a lawyer. Together we can fight to keep your driver’s license, protect your career, and keep you out of jail. We will pursue every possible defense together, such as: Was there a reason for the stop? Did the officer have any probable cause to arrest you? Were you even actually operating the vehicle?  Please call us today, click on the website, or just send me a note. I’ll call you back and we can talk. My name is Ada Chan and I am an attorney in Southern Maryland. Thanks for watching.