DUI Field sobriety tests

Mark RollinsDUI


What is the DUI Field Sobriety Tests? What happens if I failed it?

There are three tests designed by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, NHTSA. N-H-T-S-A. The first test is the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test, a stylus is brought across your eyes and the officer is measuring whether your eyes evidencing nystagmus or a jerking of the eyes. The second test is the Walk and Turn Test where you walk nine steps, turn around, and walk nine steps back. The last test is the One Leg Stand where you’re given instructions on how to raise one leg a certain amount off the ground and seeing if you can hold your balance. First and foremost, the officers have to make sure that they have been properly trained to give the test. Second, even if they administered the test correctly, it does not by itself indicate intoxication. The tests only offer clues of impairment. He is looking for clues to see if you failed the test. Let me give an example. We routinely see in poor test taking. On the One Leg Test, the officer will give a clue for raising the arms. However, the actual manual indicates that the person can raise the arms for balance as long as not more than six inches from the side of the body. Rarely will we ever an officer put this in his notes. The officer will actually mark this as a clue for impairment.  You need experienced DUI lawyer in DC to determine whether the DUI field sobriety test has been properly administered  =