Do I need a lawyer for a CPO hearing

So we routinely get phone calls for a free consultation that ask the question do I need a lawyer for a civil protection order hearing  after the person has been served with a temporary protective order. We explain to them the process and the next question is do I need a lawyer to go to the hearing?



Do I need a lawyer for a civil protection order hearingNo, there is no law  that requires you to have to have a lawyer for a civil protection order (CPO) hearing. However, we highly recommend it. Most people that come to us are professionals in their respective field and we ask the same question back to them – Does someone need to hire you or can they do it themselves?

The other reason you probably should hire a lawyer for a civil protection order is because the personal nature of the hearing.

This is not small claims where you seeking to get some money. This is a hearing where someone (Petitioner) is trying to get the Court to order a stay away and possibly a set of conditions. Furthermore, the Court could order you to perform a multitude task during the year.


Going in there without requisite knowledge of hearings can be very dangerous. At the very least you should review the rules of the Court for CPO hearings.

The District of Columbia Superior Court domestic violence rules  spell out what the court can and can not do during the hearing.  You should be familiar these rules if you decide to represent yourself.


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