DC DMV – #$@&%*!

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District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles Appeals

Rarely will a traffic lawyer in the District of Columbia ever talk bad about a agency that is filled with professionals like myself.  However, the exception comes to District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles and the traffic adjudication appeals board.

2 years ago, I had a hearing on a case where I believed the hearing examiner hearing the case was wrong on the law.  Shall we say, we disagreed about a legal issue.    That’s fine – she made her decision and ruled against my client.  The next logically step is to appeal the decision to the Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board, for a review.  You must wait for the board to make a decision before you can actually file the appeal in DC Superior Court.     After 2 years of waiting on a decision from Traffic Adjudication Appeals Board, the appeal board files a response dismissing the case.   The case was not dismissed because of my brilliant legal argument (I was hoping) – the case was dismissed because they lost the file!

They waited 2 years to tell me that they could not render a decision because of a lost file.  The end result of course benefits my client but they could have saved us the 2 year wait.   Well at least my client will not have the points associated with the alleged commercial traffic citation.

If you have civil infraction such as speeding or some other traffic issue, let us help.  Lets just hope it doesn’t 2 years for the DC DMV to decide the issue.

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