Deferred Sentencing Agreement in DC

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What is a deferred sentencing agreement in DC? Hi, my name is Mark Rollins. I’m a criminal lawyer here in District of Columbia. Today I’m talking about deferred sentencing agreements in the District of Columbia. A deferred sentencing agreement, and I’m not speaking about a domestic violence deferred sentencing agreement; that’s completely different. I’m talking about an agreement between you and the prosecutor on a misdemeanor case that says, if you plead guilty to charges and then you plead certain things, they will allow you to withdraw your guilty plea, and thereafter dismiss the case.
In order to do a preferred sentencing agreement you must plead guilty and you will have to abide by certain conditions, such as, you cannot be arrested or violate any law, be arrested on probable cause. Two, you must not violate any court order. Three, you must abide by all conditions of pre-trial services. Four, you must complete and perform 48 hours community service within a six-month period of time, and that must be supervised by the community court’s community service program at DC Superior Court.
You can do that out-of-state, but it must be approved by them. You must stay away, or, if you’re ordered to stay away from an area or a person, you must do that as well. Sometimes they may impose a curfew; they also may impose restitution, and you must agree and admit to the defense. If, after six months, you complete all the requirements and you’re not re-arrested, the government will allow you to withdraw your guilty pleas, and thereafter the case will be dismissed.
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