Deferred Prosecution Agreement in District of Columbia

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What is the deferred prosecution agreement in the District of Columbia? Hi, my name is Mark Rollins. I’m a criminal lawyer here in the District of Columbia. Today I’m talking about deferred prosecution agreements in the District of Columbia. A deferred prosecution agreement is an agreement between you and the prosecutor that says if you do certain things, they will dismiss the case within a period of time. You agree to abide by the conditions, usually within a four month period of time. Number one, you must not violate any court order or be arrested on probable cause. Two, you must not violate any court order. Three, you must abide by all conditions set by DC pretrial services. Four, you must complete community service. That community service is typically 32 hours of community service. It can be done outside of DC if you live outside of the state, but you must get approval by the court and it must be still supervised by the community court service program at DC Superior Court.
Another issue, you may have to stay away from a certain area. Rarely are curfews imposed, but there are some times when curfews are imposed. You must agree that probable cause did exist at the time of your arrest. If after four months you complete the community service and no re-arrests, your case will be dismissed. More questions on how do you get a deferred prosecution agreement in DC? Call our office at 202-455-5610 or find us on line at Thanks for watching and please subscribe to our channel.