DC Traffic Lawyer

DC Traffic Lawyer

A DC traffic lawyer can be very helpful in resolving your case.  DC traffic violations can have one of two possible consequences.   In the District of Columbia Traffic violations can result in simple citation or can result in misdemeanor charges.

Simple citation looks like this:

DC traffic ticket lawyerThe citation is what is referred to as a traffic ticket.   A traffic citation has points and a fine.   The hearing is at The Department of Motor Vehicle Administration (DMV).   In order to contest a traffic citation you would have to request a hearing and appear at 955 L’enflant Plaza, Washington, DC.   As you can see from the ticket, the officer issued a  moving violation at the DMV. This is not a criminal matter.

Should I just pay a fine or request a hearing

You may need to the fight the traffic ticket because you have accumulated to many points.  If you accumulate to many points on your license you could lose your license or your insurance rates could go up substantially.  Click here to see what your insurance may go up to if you are found liable for the ticket.  

Should I hire a lawyer for a Traffic Citation at the DMV

Should you hire a lawyer for a traffic citation?  The ultimate question is how many points will the traffic infraction have on your driving record?  For example, if you drive Uber for a living it may be to your advantage because Uber may hold it against you.   The other factor is time, do you have the time to attend the hearing.  If you hire a lawyer, the lawyer can go in your stead.  Obviously the lawyer should know the law and can defend you properly.  

How do I know how many points I am facing for a DMV citation

DMV keeps a points list.  Feel free to click on this link to see how many points you are facing.   Also if you need to get your driving record, click here.  

The officer issued me a Notice to Appear in Court

Notice to appear in DC Superior CourtIf the officer issued a citation to appear in Court, you must attend.  This citation is criminal in nature.  Sometimes the officer issues both a DMV citation and a notice to appear in Court.    Do not worry.  This is a misdemeanor which is why the officer issued you a citation to appear.   

Do I need to Hire an Attorney for a Citation to Appear in Court?

Yes, you absolutely need to hire an attorney if you are required to appear in Court.  Remember a citation to appear in DC Superior Court means it is criminal and although not likely still carries jail time.  

Typical Traffic Cases that Require a Court Appearance

No Permit or Operating after suspension

It is not uncommon for drivers to be surprised that their driving permit is suspended.   Driving without a permit in the District of Columbia is misdemeanor offense that can carry 90 days/or $500.00 dollar fine.   Driving on a revoked or suspended license can carry 180 days and/or $1000.00 dollar fine.   If you are charged without a driver’s license you should contact a DC Traffic Lawyer.

Speeding over 30 mph in the District of Columbia

30 mph is a misdemeanor offense.  If you were arrested driving 30 mph over the speed limit it is considered reckless driving.   If you are convicted of reckless driving you could 180 days in Jail and/or $1000.00 dollar fine.    Pursuant to DC Code § 50–2201.04 you will be guilty of Reckless driving if:

  • carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard for the rights or safety of others, or
  • without due caution and circumspection and at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger or be likely to endanger a person or property.

If you are charged with Speeding over 30 mph or reckless driving you should contact a DC Traffic Attorney immediately.  Reckless Driving is one of the more serious traffic charges in the District of Columbia.

How do I go about Hiring Your Firm to Represent me?

DC Traffic LawyersWe are very friendly traffic lawyers and make the process very simple.  In fact, most people charged with traffic offenses never have to come into the office (unless you want to of course).  Upon calling our office at 202-455-5610 we send you email with the necessary information for us to handle the entire case.    




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