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DC Domestic Violence LawyerA DC Domestic violence lawyer can be instrumental in helping you if you have been charged with a domestic violence case in Washington, DC.  If you been arrested for Domestic Violence in the District of Columbia you will need to hire a criminal defense attorney.   An arrest for domestic violence can have dire consequences if you are convicted of the charge.   For example there is no expungement or sealing of a conviction for a domestic violence in the District of Columbia.  In the District of Columbia a person charged with domestic violence is required by law to see a Judge which means you have to go to Court within 24 after your arrest.   Read our blog on domestic violence charges in the District of Columbia. 

What are Domestic Violence Charges in DC

Domestic Violence charges are essentially criminal charges with the added component or element that it is also intrafamily offense.  Intrafamily offense is any criminal act committed by an offender upon a person to whom the offender is related by blood, adoption, legal custody, marriage, or domestic partnership, or with whom the offender has a child in common.

What are the typical domestic violence charge in DC Superior Court

While you can have any offense be domestic violence charge, the most common charges are:

  • Assault
  • Threats
  • Destruction of Property
  • Stalking
  • Misdemeanor Sex Abuse
  • 2nd degree cruelty to children
What happens happens when you get a Domestic Violence Charge?

A Domestic Violence in the District of Columbia is a serious charge.   You will be arraigned (told the charges) and thereafter, decide whether to set for trial or engage in diversion discussions.  See the Video below on the steps.  

What happens if I am accused with a Domestic Violence?

If you are accused of domestic violence the police officer is required to arrest you that resulted in physical injury even if the police officer did not witness it.  In other words, if the police are called to the residence and an accusation is made coupled with physical injury the officer has no choice but to arrest.  

After I am arrested for Domestic Violence Charges what happens

After you are arrested you will see a Judge within 24 hours.   Misdemeanor domestic violence charges are not holdable, meaning the Judge will release you with conditions.   The Judge may release you on your personal recognizance but order that you are stay away from the accuser.  

What happens after I am released by the Judge for a Domestic Violence Charge

After you are released – this is where your DC Domestic Violence Lawyer will be most instrumental because you will need to go over the evidence that the Prosecutor has against you.  DC Domestic Violence Lawyer

Can the Accuser just drop the DC Domestic Charges?

No, the prosecutor, the United States Attorneys for the District of Columbia, has the sole discretion of whether to prosecute a domestic violence case once a person is arrested.  The Accuser may have some input of what happens in the case but remember the Accuser is just a witness to a crime.  The Accuser can be subpoened(forced) to appear in Court.  

Can you pass a background check with a domestic violence Charge?

If you are convicted of a domestic violence charge in the District of Columbia, it is a permanent record.  It is like having a felony in that you can not seal or expunge the conviction.  Therefore, it will show up on a background check if you are convicted.      

What should I do If I am arrested for a domestic violence charge?

So, while you may be stressed and may have additional questions – this is the time to hire a domestic violence attorney in DC.  If you are charged with domestic violence in the District of Columbia you should contact a DC Domestic Violence Attorney immediately.   While most are misdemeanors they can have greater consequences than other misdemeanors.   

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