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DC Assault LawyerA DC Assault lawyer is a lawyer that has and continues to handle assault cases in DC.  An arrest for misdemeanor simple assault can have dire consequences if you are convicted of the charge. Hiring a lawyer that
represents individuals who have been charged with simple assault is paramount. Most people charged with simple assault in the District of Columbia is usually given a citation to appear in the District of Columbia Superior Court on a specific date.

Whats the Best Way to Fight an Assault Charge

DC Assault Lawyer

Going to Trial is not always Best:
  • There are no absolutes.    There is always a risk at trial and so we look for ways to resolve an assault case sometimes without trials.  However, rarely would we advise a client to plead guilty to one count of simple assault.  
  • Most people charged with assault are eligible for diversion.Diversion is a way to dismiss the case without getting a conviction and having a criminal record.You need to make sure you discuss different diversion options with a criminal defense attorney because it can still have deportation consequences even if not convicted. 

How can a DC Assault Lawyer Help Me?

So a lawyer who regularly practices in DC Superior Court will be able to advise you regarding all possible resolutions of your case:   Whether you

  • Go to trial
  • Accept a plea
  • Enter Diversion
  • Different defense options
What is Diversion?

Many people charged with simple assault try to avoid a trial and/or conviction by agreeing to diversion options. 

  • Deferred Prosecution Agreement – 4 months – 32 hours of community service

  • Deferred Sentencing Agreement – 6 months – 48 hours of community service.

Diversion is not automatically given.  Your attorney will have to advocate with the prosecutor in order to qualify for diversion options.   If you are charged with Simple Assault in the District of Columbia you should contact a Simple Assault Attorney immediately.  While simple assault in the District of Columbia is not the crime of the century, the collateral consequences can be dire

Will I have to appear in Court

court appearance

required Court appearance

People charged with simple assault in the District of Columbia are required to appear.  If you are not able to make the initial appearance, your attorney can request a postponement of the hearing until a new date.   A DC Assault lawyer will try to get the case dismissed at the first court.   When you are charged with an assault you should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.  Rollins and Chan’s attorneys are attorneys that have handled hundreds of assault cases in the District of Columbia and will protect your rights.  We will go to DC Superior Court and be at every hearing with you.     We have over 22 years of criminal law experience.

What are the Court Appearance Steps


Arraignment hearing for assault

Your first appearance in Court.   The Court (Judge) tells you officially what the charges are.


Status Hearing

The status hearing where you have to make a decision of whether you will go to trial, accept the plea offer, or engage in diversion options.



If you elected to go to trial, you will have your trial before the Court.  If you lose you will go to sentencing.  

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We are there with you every step of the way.

Mark and Ada have been representing people charged with assault in DC for over 22 years.

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