What are the Court hearings for Simple Assault in DC?

There are usually 3 hearing in DC Superior Court.  Here is a flow chart of the possible hearings:

simple assault flow chart

Arraignment Hearing for Simple Assault

All of your Court hearings will take place at DC Superior Court.  Your first court date will be an arraignment date.  Simple Assault is not a holdable offense (Judge will release you on personal recognizance with conditions) unless you are probation, parole or have a pending case. If you spent the night in jail you would have seen a Judge in 24 hours for arraignment. If you are released from the police station you will be ordered to appear for a citation arraignment.  After your arraignment hearing for simple assault you will have a status hearing.

What is a Status Hearing for Simple Assault?

The status hearing usually takes place 2 to 3 weeks after your arraignment hearing. At the status hearing the Judge wants to know one of the following: (1) Are you pleading guilty to the charges; (2)Is diversion available (deferred prosecution or deferred sentencing agreement); (3) Whether a trial date should be set. The answer to those questions has to be fully explored with your attorney. You can not have a productive status hearing if you have not spoken to a lawyer and your lawyer has not investigated, consulted and prepared the case.   

Trial Date or Final Diversion Hearing Date for Simple Assault

If you did not plead guilty at the status hearing the case will be set for trial or a diversion control date.  After your status hearing date the case will either be set for trial or a diversion control date.   If it is set for trial, the case is usually scheduled between 45 to 60 days out.   Diversion control dates are set out 4 to 6 months, depending on the agreement.