I was given a Citation to appear in Court during Covid 19, What do I do?

The Chief Judge issued an Order pursuant to pursuant to DC Code § 23-584(c)(1) that “this condition significantly impairs the functioning of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia” and therefore Metropolitan Police Department has allowed for a modification of citation release.   Normally the Court would send notice but given that the Court Clerks are not fully staffed, you will need to check our website or DC Superior Court website for Court date changes.  

The Metropolitan Police Department was given wide latitude for modification of citation release.    The DC Superior expansion of citation release updated on March 17, 2020:
[gview file=”https://rollinsandchan.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/CoronavirusCitRel-rev.pdf”]

I was required to appear in Court but then Covid 19 happened, When do I need to Appear in Court?

So like the citation release people (see above) your case has been continued as well.  You should go to the Court’s Website and type in Your Last and First Name and your case should come up.  Check back to see it was updated.  

What is a citation to appear in DC Superior Court?

a field arrest citation is  a document Form  issued by the Metropolitan Police Department that requires you appear in DC Superior Court because an officer had probable cause to believe that you committed one or more certain misdemeanor criminal offenses that are eligible for a non-custodial arrest.    Most people arrested for a misdemeanor will be released unless

  • Charged with a dangerous crime, as defined in § 23-1331(3), or a crime of violence, as defined in § 23-1331(4);

  • Subject to detention before trial pursuant to § 23-1322 or § 23-1325;

  • Charged with a felony offense;

  • Charged with a misdemeanor offense that is not designated as eligible for release on citation by the responsible prosecuting authority;

  • Charged with intimate partner violence, as defined in § 16-1001(7), or intrafamily violence, as defined in § 16-1001(9);

  • Charged with an interpersonal violence offense, as defined in § 16-1001(6), when the criminal offense committed or threatened to be committed is violent;

  • Cannot reliably be identified or inaccurately reports information concerning his or her name or other identifying information;

  • At the time of arrest, in violation of a court order;

  • Was in violation of other pretrial or post trial matters

  • Has not cooperated in the booking process.

This is the citation to appear in Court with your Court date

citation to appear in DC Superior Court

Click here to download the Form