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Charged with prostitution in DCHave you been arrested for prostitution?  We can help.  We are criminal lawyers here in the District of Columbia. If you were arrested for a prostitution charge in the District of Columbia let us help you today.  What is prostitution in the District of Columbia?  In the District of Columbia Prostitution is defined as  a sexual act or contact with another person in return for giving or receiving anything of value.     On your citation release it probably states that  you are charged with sexual solicitation.   For all intents and purposes sexual solicitation and prostitution are the same thing.     You see, the Metropolitan Police Department has aggressively pursued certain areas of the city for prostitution.

Is Prostitution legal in the District of Columbia?

No, prostitution in the District of Columbia is illegal.  While there has been an effort to decriminalize prostitution in the District of Columbia as of today (year 2020) prostitution is still illegal in the District of Columbia.  

If I am charged with prostitution, can you tell me what will happen in Court?

Charged with prostitution

What is going to happen Next

If you were just arrested the following will happen:

  1. Arraignment  – your first Court date
  2. Status hearing (most cases are eligible for diversion)
  3. If not eligible for diversion – Trial or Plea

Do not do this alone. You need a prostitution lawyer – Let us help you today. We recognize that for the vast majority of our clients this is their first time ever being arrested.  Most people charged with prostitution are worried about the following:

What is Prostitution in the District of Columbia?

Prostitution in the District of Columbia is defined as any act to procure or attempt to procure or otherwise arrange for the purpose of prostitution, regardless of whether such procurement or arrangement occurred or a fee was paid.   It does not matter whether you had the money or not when you had the conversation with the undercover officer.   In order for the prosecutor to prove the case of prostitution the prosecutor  would just need to show that you engaged in the conversation to have a sexual act or contact with another person in return for giving or receiving anything of value.  Most people arrested may have only been joking when engaging in the conversation.   While that may be a defense in Court, if you uttered the words to the undercover officer you will probably be arrested.  

What is Maximum Penalty for Prostitution?
  • The maximum penalty for prostitution in the District of Columbia pursuant to DC Code § 22–2701 is 90 days and/or $500.00 dollar fine.

  • The maximum penalty for the second offense for prostitution in the District of Columbia pursuant to DC Code § 22–2701 is 180 days and/or $1000.00 dollar fine.

Defending Prostitution in DC

IProstitution in DCn order to prove its case, the government must produce evidence of an agreement: money in exchange for sexual activity.  It is not a crime to dress provocatively in the wrong neighborhood, or to converse with a prostitute while stopping short of making an actual agreement.  You should discuss the facts of your case with an experienced criminal lawyer who has handled prostitution cases to determine if the government has a solid case against you.   The attorney you hire can assist you in asserting your discovery rights to get a look at the government’s evidence before making a decision of whether to go to trial.   Although the D.C. Code provides for punishment of up to 90 days in jail for a first offender, in practice the defendant in such cases will usually be offered diversion.  Diversion typically requires the defendant to perform community service or participate in drug treatment (if necessary) and in exchange for a dismissal of the charge.  However, even after the dismissal, the records of the arrest remain publicly available.   Prosecutors rarely offer diversion for second or subsequent offenses.

Even where the government has a strong case against you, it may be possible to get the charges dismissed on other grounds.    Once you have discussed your case with an attorney, reviewed the evidence from discovery, and explored other avenues to get the case dismissed, you should be in a good position to decide if diversion or trial is the best option for you.  

Is Prostitution a Misdemeanor?

Yes prostitution in the District of Columbia is a misdemeanor.

Can a prostitution charge be sealed or expunged?

Yes, prostitution is an eligible misdemeanor in DC that can be sealed.   The only question is how long it will take for it to be sealed.   You should consult with us to discuss the time line for sealing of a prostitution charge.   

The Need to hire a DC Prostitution Lawyer

The crime of prostitution is viewed as a crime of moral turpitude. Moral Turpitude is defined as conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals. So although prostitution is a low end misdemeanor it carries significant penalties. It can have significant immigration consequences if you are not a citizen. A good DC prostitution lawyer will try to work out diversion where there is no admission of guilt.

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Prostitution in DC is a misdemeanor offense.


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