Charged with Domestic Violence in DC? Some things you should know.

Charged with Domestic Violence in DCCharged with Domestic Violence in DC?  We are a criminal law firm in Washington, DC that defends people charged with domestic violence. We  understand that you are in a difficult situation the moment you are charged with Domestic Violence.    You have been arrested and embarrassed and probably barred from contacted your loved ones and keeping you from your home.

My firm has been represented hundreds of Domestic Violence cases in the District of Columbia.   Most of these cases involve the alleged violence of a romantic partner against their significant other.  Some of the cases involve family members and others involve roommates who can not get along.  

What Can Happen if I am Convicted of Domestic Violence

The penalties for a Domestic violence conviction can be very serious. A domestic violence conviction can not be sealed or expunged and can have the following:

  • jail
  • inability to carry firearms in the future
  • social stigma and reputation 
  • difficulty in obtaining employment
  • problems obtaining professional licenses
  • Security Clearance issues
  • restrictions on access to and custody of your children.

Contact us for assistance in protecting your rights if you are charged with Domestic Violence in the District of Columbia at 202-455-5610.

What if the Alleged Victim Wishes to Withdraw Domestic Violence Charges?

In the District of Columbia all domestic violence cases are prosecuted by the United States Attorneys Office for the District of Columbia (AUSA).  The AUSA will give some weight to a victim’s request that the District of Columbia withdraw the criminal charges.   The input of the victim is taking into consideration but not the determining factor.    We have seen the prosecutors continue to prosecute even if the victim recants or decides he/she no longer wishes to see charges pursued.   We have had some success in negotiating reduced charges, diversion options and even dismissals for clients when the victim recants. 

What if This is My First Domestic Violence Charge?

Defendants who have little contact if any with the criminal justice system are usually offered diversion.  Domestic violence diversion is a way of getting the case dismissed so the Defendant does not have a criminal record.     

How Can I Fight Domestic Violence Charges?

Domestic violence charges are very serious because of the permanent record if you are convicted.   This is why it is highly recommended that you obtain a Domestic Violence Attorney as soon as possible.    Have more questions read our other blog on domestic violence charges in DC.

How Can a Lawyer Help with My Domestic Violence Charges?

At Rollins and Chan we will help protect your rights and develop defense strategies to increase your chances of having your charges dismissed, diverted or significantly reduced.  The District of Columbia like other jurisdiction, has a separate division that the only thing the Judges do in that diversion is Domestic Violence cases.   The Court has rules that apply to domestic violence cases.    We are familiar with DC Superior Court and can help you understand the strength of your case, and the likelihood of a favorable outcome either at trial or at the negotiating table.   During your free initial consultation, we can do an initial assessment of your case, and give you a good idea of your personalized defense strategy including how much our services will cost.