Right to Remain Silent

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202-455-5610 Washington DC criminal lawyer What do I have to do to exercise my right to remain silent what is the right to remain silent? Your right to remain silent applies when you are subject to custodial interrogation. That means, you have to be in police custody and it applies when police are questioning you in an attempt to elicit …

law enforcement officials effectuating an arrest warrant

Police stay Outside

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When police officers are effectuating an arrest warrant  they are not permitted to remain inside the residence to prevent the destruction of evidence while awaiting a search warrant once the arrestee and all other persons have been removed from the house,

can the police pat me down

can police pat me down

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In light of the black lives movement – the Court of appeals recently addressed a case specifically addressing young black males in DC contact with the police.  As the Court stated in this opinion,  police in the District of Columbia will sometimes go to far and violate the rights of individuals in the hopes of recovering weapons on drugs from the individual.  

Exclusionary Rule when arrest warrant outstanding

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Exclusionary Rule when arrest warrant outstanding What is the exclusionary rule?  Generally, evidence that is obtained illegally (usually by search and seizure) is not admissible in Court.  This is known as the exclusionary rule. So how does the exclusionary rule apply when there is an arrest warrant outstanding? On Monday, June 20, 2016 the Supreme Court court took another slice …

Can the police stop and search me

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Stopped by the police, can they search me and my bag? As we discussed in another blog, when you are dealing with the police there are three levels to police intrusion – Contacts, Stops, and Arrest.   Understanding what level the person is at will make the decision of whether the police can search you or your bag.   Please …

Mistake of Fact 4th Amendment Violation

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Mistake of fact 4th Amendment violation It is rare for a criminal lawyer in the District of Columbia or Maryland to take a  “no permit” case to trial.  The reality is that those kind of cases do not go to trial because they are some of the easiest cases for the prosecutor to prove.  There are only 2 elements to …

police stop in the District of Columbia

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How to deal with police stopping you in the District of Columbia   I have sure you have seen it on TV or heard it a million times: “you have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you….”  Yet, people still give up their rights.  In a routine traffic stop, the police stopped …

Motion to Suppress Evidence

Motion to Suppress Evidence Rollins and Chan Law Firm 4th Amendment Questions Help Me CONTACT US TODAY Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly. Motion to Suppress Evidence Criminal lawyer DC Motion to suppress evidence Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Mark Rollins. I’m an attorney here in Washington D.C., I practice primarily …