Right to Remain Silent

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202-455-5610 Washington DC criminal lawyer What do I have to do to exercise my right to remain silent what is the right to remain silent? Your right to remain silent applies when you are subject to custodial interrogation. That means, you have to be in police custody and it applies when police are questioning you in an attempt to elicit …

Proving Aiding and Abetting

What is aiding and abetting

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What is aiding and abetting pursuant to 18 U.S. Code § 2?   Aiding and abetting is individual that assist other(s) in its commission of a crime through advice, actions, or financial support.    It is now well settled law that whoever aid, abet, procure, or  helps with the commission of a crime are guilty as principals. 

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Before You Plea Guilty

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202-455-5610 Washington DC & MD Criminal Defense Firm Before You Plead Guilty Before you Plea Guilty or Take Your Case To Trial, Get a Second (Or Third, Forth) Opinion “I pled guilty to a DUI (in Prince George’s County). Now DC wants to take away my CDL. Can you do anything for me?” That’s a true story.  This gentleman called …

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202-455-5610 Washington DC & MD Criminal Defense Firm Washington, DC Criminal Defense Lawyers Click Here – Book Your FREE Consultation Now Whether you’re facing a simple traffic violation or felony drug charges, you need representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Washington, DC.   We also represent individuals in Montgomery, Prince George’s and Charles County in the State of Maryland.  …

Grand Jury in DC

What is a grand Jury Subpoena

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In the District of Columbia, the grand jury is citizens serving on a jury to conduct legal proceedings, investigate potential criminal conduct, and determine whether criminal charges should be brought.    In DC, the grand jury may consist of sixteen to twenty-three members.  Twelve or more jurors must concur to return an indictment.    An indictment may be returned by less than twelve of the original grand jurors so long as the replacement jurors voting for the indictment are sufficiently informed of the evidence presented before their service began.