Blood Alcohol Test

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blood drawn dui case

Blood Drawn for DUI by medical professional

Blood Alcohol Testing

Blood alcohol testing is done by taking a sample of the person’s blood.   If done correctly the blood alcohol test is a more accurate method to determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration.    blood alcohol analysis is a  more costly process because if the process is done incorrectly, the results can be unreliable.   The blood alcohol test is the same process that is used to give blood – the blood is drawn from a person’s vein, usually from the arm.   After the blood is drawn the blood is then analyzed using a process called gas chromatography.    The lab technician will analyze the blood to see if the person’s blood alcohol concentration to be 0.08% or greater.

Challenging the Blood test result

The ultimate question your attorney will be seeking to determine the admissibility of the blood test into the trial is whether it is reliable.    The defense attorney will challenge the process to make sure all proper protocols were put in place so that there is no contamination, improper handling and storage.

Blood Test Rarely Used in DC and Maryland

It should be noted that most cases in the District of Columbia and Maryland you will not usually see a blood test used.  The primary reason is because the law requires medical professionals to conduct the test, and some agencies do not have the resources to conduct the test.  However, you will see the blood test used where there is a major accident.

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