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Frequently charges crimes in DC and traffic courts


Type of Charge Prison Time Monetary Penalty Legal Code Affrays (disorderly fighting)  180 days $1 K 22-1301 Contempt-Violation of Stay Away or Release Conditions 6 months $1 K 23-1329 (a) and (c) Destructive Device, Possession of 1 year $1 K 7-2502.01(a) & 7-2507.06 Disorderly-(loud boisterous, fighting, VIP et al) 90 days $250 22-1307 and 22-1321 Drinking in Public (in public …

Art of mitigation in a DUI case


Not every DUI case is winnable. That is a fact. Law firms that emphasize victory at all costs sometimes overlook an equally important of overall DUI representation. A win at all costs mentality may be adverse to your best interests, so make inquire whether your attorney will pursue a dual strategy of  intensive investigation and litigation coupled with strong mitigation preparation. Mitigation …

MADD Victim Impact Panels in DUI Cases


What are DUI victim impact panels? Victim impact panels are lectures on the dangers and consequences of drunk driving.   Most usually last from about 60-90 minutes, and are offered once or twice a month.  At each lecture, different speakers will tell their stories of how drunk driving has affected their life.  Speakers may include direct DUI accident victims, or family …