Hiring the Best DUI Lawyer in DC

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Hiring the Best DUI lawyer in DC

Best DUI lawyers in DC

How do you know you are hiring the best DUI lawyer in DC?

So you were arrested for driving under the influence in the District of Columbia.    Now you have to seek out a DUI lawyer who fits your case best.    You will not receive mailers from lawyers because there is no central database for lawyers to solicit.  If you received a mailer from a lawyer, the lawyer probably went to the district you were arrested and requested names of arrestees.   So you will have to contact friends, family or get on google and start researching.  Hiring the Best DUI Lawyer for your DUI is not the correct way to look at it.  You need to hire the best DUI lawyer for your case, dealing with your facts, that you feel comfortable with.   In other words, you are looking for the best DUI lawyer for your case and for you.

Confidence and Your Best Interest.

When you hire an attorney, you should feel confident they are going to take good care of you and have your best interests at heart. You should ask a lot of questions in a consultation about what a lawyer is going to do for you.  Your lawyer should be able to answer your questions such as what will happen in court?  Will I go to jail?  Will I lose my license? etc.

Reputation (Online Reviews) and Experience

The lawyer that you’re interviewing should know the prosecuting attorneys at the Office of Attorney General in the District of Columbia, judges, and the court where your case is going to be held. The lawyer that you talk to needs to be proficient and experienced in DUI defense. You need to make sure that the attorney knows DUI defense inside and out.   The lawyer should be able to listen and remember there are no dumb questions.   The lawyer should have been doing DUI defense for over 5 years.  You should be able to type that lawyer’s name and google and read reviews and history of the lawyer.   Good or bad – everything is online now.

What are some questions you should ask the DUI lawyer?

At some larger firms, you’re going to be initially talking with the attorney who has plenty of experience and an excellent reputation.   However, once you hire the firm, they’re just going to hand off your case to another attorney at the firm, maybe someone that you’ve never spoken with. Sometimes your case can even be passed off between different lawyers throughout the process.

  • How many Continuing legal education classes do you attend yearly?
  • How many cases have you tried in DC Superior Court?
  • How long have you been a DC DUI lawyer?
  • Do you know the prosecutor/judge/police officers in my case?
  • How many DUI clients do you represent each year?
  • What is your definition of a win?
  • When would you recommend a plea agreement versus going to trial in my case?
  • What factors and circumstances could be used in my favor and against me?
  • What is the plan for the different stages of my case? (Arraignment, status, and the trial)
  • Can my case be won with a filed motion to suppress?
  • Can my case be won with a filed motion to suppress?
  • Are there any recent changes to the laws that would apply to my case?
  • Are there any new penalties that may apply to my case?
  • Have you handled and won cases like mine?
  • How much will this cost?
  • Do you bill by the hour or a flat fee?
  • What does your fee include?  What is not included?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • How do I communicate with you?
  • Do you text or email?
  • Can I call you on your cell phone?

What should I expect to leave with at the end of my consultation?

Most of our consultations take about 30 minutes.  During that time, you will leave with a good understanding of the potential outcomes of your case.   We will tell you the potential penalties you may experience, as well as what can happen with your driver’s license.   We will tell you exactly what steps we will take in defending your case.   There are 2 attorneys in our firm – Ada Chan and Mark Rollins.  You will meet with both of us at your consultation.   There will be no other attorneys handling your case.   We have the experience before the judges and prosecutors in DC Superior court.    After your consultation, you will leave knowing you are in good hands.

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