What does it mean to be the Best Criminal Attorney in the District of Columbia?

Best Criminal Lawyer in DCIs there such a thing? I am tired of attorneys advertising saying number 1 rated attorney. What does that mean? It means nothing because there are no independent agency judging attorney skills. The attorney says number 1 in the advertisement, but that does not make him or her number 1. Then there is AVVO, Superlawyers, Martindale, Lawyers.com, etc. – these are paid services. The rating is based on what other lawyers gave them as a rating.  

Regular Practicing Criminal Attorneys in DC

There are a lot of attorneys in the District of Columbia; however, the community of criminal defense attorneys in the District of Columbia is smaller than you think. Most of the criminal attorneys know each other. Some of the best criminal Attorneys in the District of Columbia are not even in private practice – they are public defenders at the District of Columbia Public Defenders Service (PDS). Most criminal attorneys in DC will consult with a senior PDS attorneys on issues they may have tried.

So what is the best Criminal Defense Attorney in DC

The reality the best criminal defense attorney is the attorney that you connect with and understand how to fight your case effectively. The best criminal attorney, first and foremost, should have experience in handling your type of criminal case. A criminal attorney that can guide you and give you the best legal advice to get you out of the criminal justice system. Picking a criminal attorney in DC, the consumer needs to analyze what they need. When I first started practicing back in 1997, there was a Washington, DC firm (large firm more than 250 attorneys) that charged a person twenty-five thousand dollars for possession of Marijuana(no longer illegal). The person hired the DC firm, and I guess they did the job but were the right attorneys for the person. I sincerely doubt they were practicing criminal attorneys in DC Superior Court. I have outlined a brief guide when choosing that best criminal lawyer for your case. 

  • How long has the attorney practiced in DC

  • How many bench trials or jury trials has the attorney had in the District of Columbia

  • Has the attorney been disciplined by the bar association

  • What percentage of the attorney practice is dedicated to criminal work

  • How do you communicate with the attorney

  • Has the attorney appeared in front of the Judge in the past

  • How many cases like yours has the attorney done

  • Do they regularly attend continuing legal education (CLE) in criminal law

    By no means is this is an exhaustive list. The real answer is I need the best criminal attorney in DC. You would not hire a New York criminal attorney to handle a DC Criminal case. While that New York attorney may be excellent in New York, this is DC.   There are the little things that can make a break a case that a non-local lawyer may not know.   

    Rollins and Chan have been practicing attorneys in DC for over two decades years. Need help deciding. Let us help you.

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Best Criminal lawyer in DCRollins and Chan have been practicing law in DC for over 22 years. Need help deciding. Let us help you.

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