Assume you are being video recorded with a DUI?

Mark Rollins DUI

Video recorded with a DUI

assume you are being video recordedYou should assume you are being video recorded with a DUI.  In almost all the DUI cases in the District of Columbia and Maryland are video recorded. Whether at the scene with a body camera or at the police station. So, when you are arrested for DUI, you can assume there is a video record of how you were acting that night. This obviously can help or hurt your case depending on whats on the video tape.

Poor Mr. Turner


There is always a defense

Its funny to watch but Mr. Turner clearly stated he was not driving the vehicle in this case. Ok maybe he was a little drunk when he said it but in Maryland and the District of Columbia (physical control of the vehicle) you have to be in operation of the vehicle in order to be convicted of DUI.  Body video camera as changed the dynamics of DUI cases.  In fact almost every DUI case now has video footage.   DC Metropolitan police officers are required to have the body camera videos on when they have contact with citizens.   Park Police, capital police and other federal police departments are not required to wear body cameras.    In the video Mr. Turner says I wasnt driving!!! Obviously if he was driving – he is toast.  If you want to learn more about DUI cases and how our firm handles the case read our blog on DUI in DC.
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